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Whether you want to step out of your home over the weekend or for a long holiday, campervan travel is a popular choice among road trippers. Campervans are a self-contained vehicle with a small kitchen equipped with refrigerator and a gas burner; while some larger campervans also have an air conditioner and a portable toilet. With facilities that make you feel at home, you want to ensure that you are well-covered with a campervan insurance policy, especially if you’re going off the beaten track or exploring unsealed roads, so that you can have complete peace of mind that you’re protected against the hazards of the open road.

Insuring your campervan means you and your family will be stress-free from any accidental damage, theft or natural disaster such as a storm and flood.

Things to Know about Our Campervan Insurance

There are a few things to consider when you’re looking for a campervan insurance policy:

  1. A comprehensive campervan insurance will cover accidental physical damage, or malicious damage, fire, flood and hail, and theft. They sometimes also cover contents protection for belongings kept inside the campervan. We at CAMPER Insurance provide automatic contents cover of $2000 for loss or damage of your contents with the option to increase cover*. We also cover your portable generator and solar panels if they are attached to your campervan. To know more information about our insurance claims and how you can notify us about new claims, read our RV Insurance Claims Policies.

  2. When you’re on a holiday and medical help is nowhere near, a campervan insurance policy can get you and your RV home in the event of a medical emergency. If you’re more than 100 km from home, you or a family member requires medical emergency, we will reimburse you a calculated amount based on the conditions*.

  3. If your campervan is your usual home and is stolen or damaged, our campervan insurance will cover your temporary accommodation until your camper is again habitable.

  4. Losing your keys during travel can not only get stressful but can also get very expensive to replace. If the keys to your campervan are lost or stolen or if there are reasonable grounds that it could be duplicated, our campervan insurance policy will cover the cost of replacing keys that are damaged as a result of an accident.

Please note conditions apply for above points. To get a detailed description of how you can insure with us, contents list, policy conditions, claim limits, benefits and other information, please read our Product Disclosure Statement, before deciding to buy or renew your insurance.

Why Insure your Campervan with CAMPER Insurance*?

CAMPER Insurance can provide cover for your campervan anywhere in Australia:

  • Getting you and your RV home in the event of a medical emergency
  • Cover for towing following a mechanical breakdown
  • Locks and keys replacement
  • Flexible excess options
  • Automatic contents cover of $2,000 (option to increase cover)
  • Option to cover a portable accessory in the open air
  • Choice of repairer
  • First windscreen claim is excess free
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Option to pay your premium by the month

*conditions apply

Choosing an insurance for your campervan doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Explore your options by contacting us or requesting a quote so we can help you decide the right type of coverage, while you spend time researching and planning your holiday.

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