Handy tips for setting up camp

Date: 04/07/18

Handy tips for setting up camp

By Peter Quilty

There’s nothing more relaxing than camping in relative seclusion with family, friends or like-minded campers.
Yep, nothing competes with the freedom of the great outdoors; sharing a campfire meal, a convivial ale or two, and some great travel memories with others.
Retreating from the rat-race and feeling like you’re a million miles away, that’s the uncomplicated beauty of camping.
So here are some handy hints for setting up camp that’ll make your next adventure an even more enjoyable experience.


  • Choose your site carefully. Do your research. Plan ahead!
  • Make sure you set up on high, level ground; and low ground should be avoided at all costs due to the possibility of flooding in heavy rain.
  • Pick a spot where you’ll feel relaxed, and a kid-friendly location where you can keep them entertained with activities and games if you’re travelling as a family.


campervan journey

  • Water is not a luxury it’s a necessity while camping. Its availability is crucial for drinking, cooking and cleaning up. And it’s an essential source of hydration following bouts of intrepid adventure!
  • It pays to know the exact location of rivers and streams if you’re free camping, and always carry some form of water sanitisation (water purifier, chlorine tablets etc.). Some campgrounds even have water pumps.
  • Effectively organise and store water (collapsible water carriers, water coolers etc.) in camp so that it’s readily available.


Camp fire and food

  • There’s no reason why you can’t be a ‘Master Chef’ of the bush. Cordon bleu camping meals can be created from camp ovens which can roast, fry, boil, bake and stew. Yes, cooking over an open flame can heighten the quality of camp cuisine.
  • Consider camp-friendly recipes, and break meals down into several servings.
  • Organise your camp kitchen. You can even do some home prepping.
  • And proper camping cookware is imperative (cast iron pots, skillets, griddles, Dutch ovens etc.)


Journey with fifth wheeler

  • It’s important to live a ‘sheltered life’ - protected from the harsh elements - while camping.
  • Whether it’s the oppressive heat of summer or the ice-like chill of winter, be prepared for ‘Mother Nature’. Seek waterproof and UV-resistant shelter while camping, but avoid camping directly underneath large trees and limbs that are overhanging precariously. Safety is paramount!
  • And consider the wind direction. Look for sites that are upwind.
  • Sufficient shade is another intrinsic consideration. Be sun smart even while out yonder.


Camper Trailer for additional luggage

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

  • Correct bedding must not be underestimated. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.
  • Ensure you’re slumbering like Rip Van Winkle, with a good quality mattress or swag.
  • Indeed, a self-inflating mattress will keep you off uncomfortable surfaces and damp ground.


Seashore fire

A campfire is not only for socialising after a day’s exploring, but also a great way to cook a campsite meal.

  • But you need to plan your tools and the wood required. Such tools for the job may include a folding shovel, poker, fire-resistant gloves, and a steel grate.
  • So, eliminate the guesswork. Make sure you have enough wood for cooking dinner and keeping the fire burning well into the night.
  • And remember, hardwoods are more burn efficient.


Disposal arrangement in Caravan


  • Maintain your campsite as a wildlife-free zone with diligent disposal of food and rubbish.
  • Let’s face it, no one wants to attract unwanted pests or ‘things that go bump in the night’.
  • Keep a clean campsite kitchen - food scraps left lying around, such as the remnants of the campfire roast from the night before, are an absolute no-no! Keep a few garbage bags handy at all times.
  • Store food carefully. Keep drinks and food fresh and chilled to an optimal temperature by utilising portable refrigeration which can be run off a 12V system and auxiliary charging.
  • You could also consider separate eating, washing, sleeping and relaxation zones.

Hope you like our shared tips on camping. Keep sharing our tips with your friends. If you have any lose such as theft or burning during your journey, then make an insurance claim through CAMPER Insurance company and get possible coverage on your loss.

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